April 20, 2015


India’s NTPC tenders 2.75 GW of solar projects

NTPC Ltd has released two solar tenders totaling 2.75 GW. The first will see 750 MW tendered in the state of Andhra Pradesh, while the second is tendering 2 GW for interstate transmission system (ISTS) PV to be installed anywhere across in India. Out of the Indian government’s 20 GW tender plan for the 2017-18 fiscal year, around 15 GW has already been tendered.

Outsourcing Opportunity for North American Companies

ConsultSubi is retained by a well-established Indian foundry company to advise on expanding the markets for their foundry products including valves, investment castings, and SG Iron castings in North America. The company exports over ninety per cent of their products to developed countries, particularly in Europe. Interested in exploring this opportunity? Contact consultsubi@gmail.com

U.S. Investment in India’s Renewable Energy Projects

US start-up investment company looking for capable and reliable partners in India’s RE projects. Projects should be profitable for all stakeholders including debt & equity investors. If interested, send project profile to subi@consultsubi.com

Waste to Wealth Opportunities

A New Opportunity to Improve India’s Environment with U.S. Technology

Are you facing a critical problem arising from biomass wastes? Are you just burning the waste as there seems to be no other option?  If so, a solution is close at hand. Here is a great opportunity for you to convert your waste to energy wealth.

ConsultSubi and Beltran of USA work together in addressing India’s most challenging environmental issue of waste management through Beltran’s modern Gasification Technology. Beltran is offering a unique modular system to produce electricity from a variety of biomass products including wood, woody products, agricultural residues and several others. The system also offers environmental protection.

Interested? Please contact us with details of your biomass waste-related issues.



USAID Grants Opportunities

Matching Grants for Innovative Energy/Environmental Projects

Leverage the Power of Partnerships through USAID/India Partnership Program (IPP)

USAID Official Grants Announcement Number APS-386-16-000001
Minimum award amount: $1 million (INR 7 crores)
1:1 Matching grants – open to new partners in the areas of:
Energy and Forestry including large-scale adoption of renewable energy
Food Security and Nutrition
Concept papers are due February 2018

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Refer to USAID announcement at:



Business Opportunities

US-India Partnership Opportunities 

Unique Super Insulated Green Building Bricks

Energy is wasted needlessly in poorly insulated homes. There is an excellent opportunity to set up regionalized manufacturing and marketing facilities that can service the fast-growing green building markets in India.

Profit by Partnership with Solar Cooker Company

Reputed and well-established U.S. manufacturer of domestic and community solar cookers and ovens is seeking a partner in India to market their products assembled locally in Bhubaneswar.

Interested in pursuing any of these opportunities? If so, please send us a message with a short profile of your company.


Marketing Opportunities

Marketing Opportunities in India

  1. Are you interested in marketing electronic energy meters in India? A small U.S. company making a variety of sleek energy meters wants to appoint distributors and/or buyers in India.
  2. Excellent opportunity to sell/distribute energy management software to energy auditors, large commercial facilities, energy service companies (ESCOs) and energy project managers.

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